Monday, November 7, 2011

Book Review: Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Hey there,

I wanted to share with you my latest finished reading experience, which was reading the novel Mini Shopaholic, which is the sixth book in the Shopaholic series, written by the talented Sophie Kinsella. I've loved the books from the first one, and I certainly can't get enough of the wacky main character, Rebecca "Becky" Bloomwood. Now IF you haven't read the previous books of the series, stop reading now, as I might spoil the story for you too much. ;)

Like probably many readers of this blog, I can easily relate to many things in Becky's life, especially on her views when shopping, "it's a great bargain...". :D On the other hand, the lovely naïveness (or what's the right word?) of her sometimes just drives me crazy when reading. I wanna shout to her and tell her to think before acting, to stop spending so much and so on... If you've read, you know what I mean.

I love the work Sophie Kinsella has done with the series, her style of writing is nicely light, so the whole series is a great read for holidays or even lunch hour. You don't have to have that much time to get on with the story, as it isn't that deep-thought - one of the things I love the most about these books.

The novel Mini Shopaholic tells about the time that Becky and Luke's little girl is already three years old, and begins to show quite a character. That turns out to be a problem to some, and Becky starts to think whether she should admit there's actually a problem with her own daughter. But you know Becky, she never goes down without a fight. ;)

The plot also centers around Becky arranging this huge birthday bash to her lovely husband Luke Brandon, and how she tries to keep it as a secret while doing everything on her own - in a low budget! It's such a fun read! I totally recommend this to all of you who enjoy shopping, find a little shopaholic inside them, or just want to find a great read that's light one.

I know this review isn't quite thorough, but I'll try to improve by time. :)

Until next read,