Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Review: L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Hi guys!

Sorry for not posting here in quite a while, somehow it's been hard to start writing. Anyways, it's time for another book review, and this time, it is:

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad

Personally, I love anything by LC, so I was excited to pick up a copy of her novel and to start reading it. I was a bit concerned about whether she actually could write a believable novel with readable language. But I put my doubts aside, and started reading the book.

Many of you surely know the concept of the L.A. Candy series, but those who don't: The series tells about Jane Roberts, who moves to L.A. to follow her dreams, gets a great job at an events management company. Pretty soon after that she and three other girls will become the stars of a reality show, and the series is pretty much an inside story about the reality shows and the whole industry about them.

I think it really shows that LC herself has been in a reality show herself, having to think about the consequences of your every action in front and behind of the camera. Even though the books are fiction, the story is quite believable - at least in L.A. - so I was pretty impressed about miss Conrad's work.

The first book of the series totally got me to want to read the rest of the books in the series - and to buy the style guide she has written. (and that'll be the next review, trust me)

The thing I love about these books is that they are such a light read, which fits my current lifestyle perfectly. Probably I'll get to more serious reading once my life isn't so hectic, but these are books you can read bit by bit, even in a hurry. And that's so amazing! 

As I'm typing this review, I've already read the two first books of this series. And I loved them both - I wish that during Christmas break, I'll be able to read the third one. ;)

Have you guys read L.A. Candy series? What do you think about it, yay or nay? ♥

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book Review: The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver

Hi guys,

Time for another book review. :)

This has been hanging there for a while now, due to my mountain of school work. I'm sorry about that.

Anyways, the book I wanna talk about today is called The Post-Birthday World and it's written by Lionel Shriver, who's also written the novel We Need to Talk About Kevin (which I haven't read yet, but sure will). I truly admire her style of writing, even though for me, it's pretty hard to absorb everything as the English used in the novel is a bit more complicated than what I've used to.

I mean, look at the other reviews, you'll get the point. :D

The Post-Birthday World tells the story of Irina, a woman who's in a long-term relationship with a stable, trustworthy man, Lawrence. Lawrence has Ramsey Acton, the famous snooker player as his close friend. The three of them have a tradition of celebrating Ramsey's birthdays together, but then one year, Lawrence has a work trip he can't cancel. So, Irina is forced to spend the evening alone with Ramsey, and that evening determines a lot in Irina's life. Should she stay with Lawrence, or go with Ramsey?

That's the part when the book splits in two stories, each one telling about Irina's life with a different man. I love how the both stories are so different, yet so similar, and in some ways totally entwined. That's amazing writing, I  can tell you. It kind of shows how in life, every choice brings you something good, but also, something not-so-good. It's a fresh way to write a story - in my opinion - because we always wonder how things would've gone, had we chosen differently.

I strongly recommend reading this book, if you like a good book with a little more insightful writing with a grown-up touch. I was pretty surprised how much I loved the book, considering that English isn't my native language, and the book has pretty big words in it and also, because it's clearly written for more grown-up readers than I am. Nevertheless, I got a lot out of the book, and I'm sure you would too.

So, go on, read it! ;)

My next review will be L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad, stay tuned! ♥