Sunday, May 20, 2012

Book Review: The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver

Hi guys,

Time for another book review. :)

This has been hanging there for a while now, due to my mountain of school work. I'm sorry about that.

Anyways, the book I wanna talk about today is called The Post-Birthday World and it's written by Lionel Shriver, who's also written the novel We Need to Talk About Kevin (which I haven't read yet, but sure will). I truly admire her style of writing, even though for me, it's pretty hard to absorb everything as the English used in the novel is a bit more complicated than what I've used to.

I mean, look at the other reviews, you'll get the point. :D

The Post-Birthday World tells the story of Irina, a woman who's in a long-term relationship with a stable, trustworthy man, Lawrence. Lawrence has Ramsey Acton, the famous snooker player as his close friend. The three of them have a tradition of celebrating Ramsey's birthdays together, but then one year, Lawrence has a work trip he can't cancel. So, Irina is forced to spend the evening alone with Ramsey, and that evening determines a lot in Irina's life. Should she stay with Lawrence, or go with Ramsey?

That's the part when the book splits in two stories, each one telling about Irina's life with a different man. I love how the both stories are so different, yet so similar, and in some ways totally entwined. That's amazing writing, I  can tell you. It kind of shows how in life, every choice brings you something good, but also, something not-so-good. It's a fresh way to write a story - in my opinion - because we always wonder how things would've gone, had we chosen differently.

I strongly recommend reading this book, if you like a good book with a little more insightful writing with a grown-up touch. I was pretty surprised how much I loved the book, considering that English isn't my native language, and the book has pretty big words in it and also, because it's clearly written for more grown-up readers than I am. Nevertheless, I got a lot out of the book, and I'm sure you would too.

So, go on, read it! ;)

My next review will be L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad, stay tuned! ♥